The history of Georgia Peaches

Peaches have been a staple in Georgia for as long as I can remember. Even at an early age I was told that I was a beautiful “Georgia Peach”. Of course I would just smile and consider it a compliment and go on about my business. As one of my first blog post for Peachin around I will admit I did a lot of research before I could organize anything with this new journey of mine as a “Georgia Peach”. I stumbled upon an author named William Okie that has written a book about Georgia Peaches that gave a lot of information about the history of Peaches growing business in Georgia.

The great peach production started after the Civil war, because whites people had all this land and no slaves anymore, rebranding of the south needed to take place. Because growing peaches is not as easy as growing cotton, farmers needed help. Continue reading “The history of Georgia Peaches”

Why I chose to live a holistic lifestyle?

So many people ask me all the time are you natural? How do you find all these natural alternatives? Everyone in my family, just about, knows that I do not take medication and that I don’t give my children medication. After trying to explain and share different holistic tips I have come to realize: “it ain’t for everybody.”

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Everybody is just not about that life! When I get a headache I drink a large cup of water and burn some lavender oil or drink some chamomile and 99.9% of the time it goes away. Continue reading “Why I chose to live a holistic lifestyle?”

Git up, git out and git something

You need to git up, git out and git something

Don’t let the days of your life pass by….



This song has been ringing in my ear since new Years day! Outkast could not have said it best. Most people do resolutions and vision boards and things of that nature before the new year rolls in. However, because I have two children born on the same day 2 days after Christmas and my husbands birthday is shortly after January 6th I am usually recovering from the boys birthday and Christmas and preparing for hubs birthday. So getting things for the “New Year” is not as easy for me so my “New Year” really doesn’t start until February. Hearing that song made me realize how much I look on instagram and see all of my old classmates and mentors and friends moving forward with their lives and doing pretty big things. I find the time to leave messages saying how much I admire what they are doing and even study their marketing strategies and things they post for my business ventures I would like to start. Continue reading “Git up, git out and git something”