Peachin around Laredo, Texas

Hola! Como estas! Yep I speak enough Spanish to order my food and tell somebody what I don’t want. Since I’ve been learning French my Spanish is getting worse. Be cool Ice Cold I’m working on it! So if I want to be a world traveler the least I can do is learn the language right?!

Let me tell you about my trip to Laredo, Texas. We flew into San Antonio, rented a car and drove two hours to get to Loredo. When we got there our first stop was TJ Max and I promise you it was the best TJ Max ever! They had all the shoes I wanted in my size and everything else I liked (my shoe size is 9 1/2 if you want to surprise me), including a box of 15 kind bars for $5.99! I love Kind bars! Yep, little things are important to me. So before we got to Laredo I did not realize how close it was to the Mexican border. Our hotel, La Posada Hotel, was literally on the border. We opened our patio door to the Mexican border it was quite interesting!

The hotel was beautiful, so peaceful and serene. La Posada Hotel wasn’t very luxurious but had a vintage Mexican feel to it. Oh and the customer service was un-believeable! From the time we pulled into the parking garage someone was there to take our bags and when we wanted to change to 1 king bed since it was just me and hubs and one baby they changed our room right away and gave us a view we had hoped for.
Now because we were visiting friends that were having their wedding reception I didn’t look up any tourist spots to go to or any museums we were just going to visit friends and enjoy each other. That’s just what we did! We enjoyed a lot of good Mexican restaurants! My favorite was Taquitos Ravi, they cooked the veggies just right for my fajitas and the guacamole tasted so fresh! I must tell you about the culture there. Since it’s right at the Mexican border all of the people there just assume you speak Spanish we rarely spoke with someone that spoke English. Even when we went to the outlets, which were awesome, by the way, all of the cashiers started speaking Spanish to me until they didn’t get a response because my Spanish needed some brushing.

I know, if you follow me on social media, you’re probably thinking where are the pictures of the cool unknown places or waiting for me to tell you what to do in Laredo but while I was there I just wanted to enjoy my husband and our friends and sometimes that’s all you need!
Just because you’re traveling doesn’t necessarily mean you have to find every cool thing to do to put on your social media or stress yourself trying to see something that you really don’t care that much about and just enjoy the people that you love around you. Walk, talk, share food, and fart a bit if that’s how you get down.

In the words of the great Atlien Andre 3000 “every now and then you gotta come from behind that piano.”
I enjoyed doing a hole lot of nothing and I’m not ashamed to share it! Every now and then it’s good for you to just relax on vacation and go with the flow and that’s just what we did and it was just peachy!