Let’s do the right thang! 1619-2019

That’s right y’all heard it! Spike Lee has acknowledged our ancestors in his phenomenal speech at the 2019 Oscar awards!


I am so proud of him and surprised that he has never won an Oscar after making so many household classics that we still love and watch today. Therefore, I must make it my business to share a beautiful life-changing event that is taking place in Ghana this August! Ghana is inviting all people of African Descent to have an open and meaningful conversation with the Heads of State, opinion leaders, practitioners, academics and participants from Africa and the diaspora about the 400 year legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Trade in Enslaved African people. This conversation is a chance to reunite and reconcile affected Communities and share examples of Innovation and creative strategies to overcome its debilitating and persisting effects. Now guys and can’t make this stuff up! 

I know I am not the only African American that wants to know what happened 400 years ago during this transaction? Who were the different parties involved in this human trade and why?

I can’t wait to sit on my sweeties (my 94-year-old grandmother) porch in Greensboro, Alabama and tell her about the real history of our ancestors.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I am definitely here to learn more, and reconnect with the old continent! You probably think “Ok, so Shaun how do we sign up for this and get more info?” Don’t worry I gotchu! Learn more about this event here.

I must add a personal note about the Founder of the Heritage and Cultural Society of Africa, Johanna Svanikier, she’s the former ambassador of Ghana in France and sweet as pie!

I had the luxury to meet her in person and she always says “you MUST come to Ghana to know your history” in the most welcoming voice. Now, most people invite you to their house but don’t really mean it, but I feel the sincerity in her voice when she says it. Now that I am done breastfeeding and my boys are at a good age where I feel comfortable enough to know how to cleanse their system when they take travel vaccinations, I am hopping on the first thing smoking, as we say here in the south, booking my flight as we speak to head to Auntie Johanna’s event in August. 

Have you heard of any other events that discuss the 400 years ‘Return to Africa’ #TheYearofReturn? Please, email me if you have!