A Peach in London – How to plan a low key girls trip in London

Shaun Peachin London
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Planning this trip to London was so easy and we were so excited. My sister-in-love and I were finally going to celebrate our birthdays together again. It was so easy to get our train tickets with Eurostar. So we stuffed our 1 suitcase with all of these just in case outfits. Just like that, we were off to London, England. My Pinterest board was filled with so many restaurants, shopping areas, and of course we can’t forget the Royal Palace. 

We didn’t do any of that! We simply enjoyed being together and learning each other. I went to London with my sister-in-love who is the most elegant, low key, fun sis I could have ever asked for. This trip was so exciting for both of us because we are the only girls in our family and have always wanted a sister.  

The train station was super crazy, because of workers being on strike for the Brexit protests. We had to get there super early. Sis knew better than I did. This was my first European train ride and I was so excited! The train was super comfortable and I saw so much from my window. I felt like a cool kid to know that I was underwater on a train at some point of the ride. You couldn’t tell me nothin!

Thug life train selfies!!

Upon our arrival we realized our Airbnb was literally right next door to this big mall, Westfield Stratford City. It was perfect!! We enjoyed all of the European stores that I use to order online, like Dorothy Perkins and Topshop. Not to mention the Mark and Spencer grocery store. We grabbed our night snacks and juices and planned to go out. However, we were two young ladies that work hard all day long so….. we went to bed! Crazy right?! NOPE! I slept so well in my own bed where I didn’t have to wake up and take anybody to the pot-pot or be slapped in the face by any of my sons limbs. I am not ashamed at all!

The next day we woke up ready to find breakfast but I was in no way shape or form, ready to have beans or hot dogs for breakfast as the British do, so we found this little bakery that I adore!

Next we explored the Circus station a bit and had some fish and chips, of course. We felt like we were living our best lives! We had found a way to maneuver the train system and it was no stopping us! Tip: for a short weekend getting around London, buy the 25-pound plan that will last you a few days and save you at least 10 pounds. As cute as those old taxis look they are not cheap at all! I rode in one and was so disappointed when I received the total at the end. I could have done more shopping with those coins!

We explored all of the stores and even ventured to this big outdoor thrifting event where I found the cutest sequence skirt and brooch. If you are looking for anything vintage this is the place to be. It even had the perfect ambiance of a row of these neatly painted colorful houses and beautiful pink trees.

Flea Market fun!

I think it’s safe to say for the first 2 days we shopped til we dropped. The first 2 nights we even laid out our clothes to go to some lounge or club for drinks that we found on Instagram. But like I told yall earlier we are two hard-working young ladies so we took naps that lasted all night.

No worries, we did get out the last night, and boy did we have a blast! We ended up at The Sky Garden where there was live music and people from all walks of life to mix and mingle with. Here is where I met one of my first cousins for the first time that lived in England. He and his wife spoiled us and taught us quite a few lessons about life. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed good adult conversation during this trip! I know you were looking for me to give you a tour of the Palace, Big Ben, and a cute little tea time spot but sometimes it’s necessary to just relax sometimes and enjoy the little things. I travel to create memories and live in the moment. I encourage all of you to do the same!

Somehow I kept ending up in the middle of protests!

Have you ever been on a vacation and had so many things planned and didn’t do any of what you planned but had the best time of your life?

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