The perfect Mom-cation

Mom-cation in Cameroon

This post is for all of the beautiful mothers out there that have children. I Love my children dearly! They are my world! However, every now and then mommy wants to sleep in a bed alone and not have to worry about anybody sneaking in the bed at night and not have to wake up to make sure nobody fell out of their bed or, is close to falling out of their bed. Not only that, my loving husband! Well I won’t touch that. I’m just letting yall know how good it is to get a full night of sleep every now and then and not have to worry about taking care of anybody and just sleep the night away. Yes, I said yall and not you all! I know how to speak proper English but this needed to be said in my peach voice.
This is why a mom-cation had to be done! I needed to get away and regroup, enjoy myself by myself. If you want to judge me, judge ya mama! Kidding, not kidding….Moms it’s ok to take time for yourself! We do a lot! Not only do we take care of our families but we are entrepreneurs and career women that work hard to put food on the tables! LISTEN LINDA! I can’t stress enough how very important it is for us to take care of ourselves to take care of everybody else! Clear your mind, eat that donut, and jump in the pool! Whatever floats your boat. Just do it! We find ways to organize everything for everybody else but when it comes to organizing things for “me time” we make it a big deal and feel bad about doing it. Again, LISTEN LINDA! Take a week, weekend, day however long you need for yourself every now and then. It’s ok! I promise you that dad or auntie or Grandma and the kids will be just fine! Yes, they may eat pizza every night and won’t get that green smoothie you fix for them on most days to build their immune system but don’t aren’t those green smoothies for the moments when you aren’t there?

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Now…let me tell you about my mom-cation… I wanted to go to this African country, we’ll call it the secret destination, for a real off the grid experience so I did. I had to fly to Istanbul to go to Paris and get a visa then leave Paris and stop in Istanbul again to go to my secret destination. Yes, I know it sounds like a lot but it was perfect! Turkish Airlines was amazing I must add. I have been on a few other airlines (which will remain nameless) that I dread to go to Paris On. All 9 of those flights I had the row to myself because people weren’t traveling as much due to the, at the time, very low Coronavirus scares. I took my mask, hand sanitizer, and wipes and got my little hiney on that plane and enjoyed every bit of it! Especially when you’re used to lugging your kids and all of their things. I had a backpack and a lunch box with my OWN snacks. Yes, snacks that I didn’t have to share while I watched all the grown-up movies I could watch. I even had a chance to read a book an get some work done. That was just on the plane!
In Paris, I did a little shopping, of course. After 4 flights I got to the secret destination, I came to Tata (aka Auntie), a beautiful woman that blessed me with so much love and made sure I was pampered and cleansed fully! Every morning I woke up to a plate of whatever I asked for that night and cleansed in a homemade sauna where I meditated and relaxed for an hour every day. It wasn’t easy but it had to be done! The rest of the day I did absolutely nothing! Yep! I did my jump rope workout every day and did a little exploring in the village I visited. I didn’t explore too much but I’m ok with that because I focused on myself. Now I am ready to conquer the world. I talked with her and gained so much wisdom about this thing called life.
Now, I know you all were looking for a tour of this new country but this wasn’t that trip but trust– I will be going back! Oh, and how befitting was it that the 8th of March was “International Women’s day”, so we celebrated all the women in the world that day. I learned so many things from the women that were around helping me stay focused on my meditation. They even taught me how to cook and mix herbs and spices. It was simply beautiful!

This blog post is not your typical travel blog post but I needed to do this for all of the moms all over the world that work hard for their families. Take some time for yourself, it’s ok to do that and all is well!

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