Git up, git out and git something

You need to git up, git out and git something

Don’t let the days of your life pass by….



This song has been ringing in my ear since new Years day! Outkast could not have said it best. Most people do resolutions and vision boards and things of that nature before the new year rolls in. However, because I have two children born on the same day 2 days after Christmas and my husbands birthday is shortly after January 6th I am usually recovering from the boys birthday and Christmas and preparing for hubs birthday. So getting things for the “New Year” is not as easy for me so my “New Year” really doesn’t start until February. Hearing that song made me realize how much I look on instagram and see all of my old classmates and mentors and friends moving forward with their lives and doing pretty big things. I find the time to leave messages saying how much I admire what they are doing and even study their marketing strategies and things they post for my business ventures I would like to start.

What has been holding me back all this time? Well you have 3 little boys that you homeschool and have been working on your masters and selling juices to family and friends and a few new clients here and there and you just had a baby! NOPE!! No more excuses! It is time to go full steam ahead and get the things that I want out of life. HOW SHAUN?! This is where ish gets tricky! Juggling all these things and trying to stay social and network and gain new clients. Oh and don’t forget start a new blog to share some of these exciting things that are about to take place in my life.


Yes wake up earlier before the kiddos! It’s easier said then done but when I do, I have a fulfilling productive day. Even if it’s just an hour before they wake up it gives me time to plan or workout or both or clear my mind so that I can do whatever the day brings. It really helps folks!



Social media has made it so easy to share and see what all of your family and friends are doing on a daily basis. However, don’t get caught busy looking at everybody else that you miss opportunities in your own life. I have fallen prey to this by admiring everyone elses project so much that it takes away from the time that I could have been working on my own projects. Silly rabbit! So I have decided to only focus on my posts and only speak when spoken to on social media. I have stuff to do and constantly looking at others successes is not going to get me there.



There are so many resources out there for entrepreneurs. Social media is not the only tool to use when promoting and starting your business. I use the library as my main tool for research/babysitter. Yes, babysitter! When you have 3 kids that love books the library becomes a new babysitter. While they type their names on the computer or sit in the kids section and read books I get books to find new things to add to my life. Podcasts are a great tool to learn about being an entrepreneur and staying abreast of new trends in marketing. My new favorite, shhhh…don’t tell my husband. I read his Investors business daily newspaper that comes every week. There is a plethora of information and encouraging words in this paper. I love it! These are just a few new tools that I use to learn and grow as a mompreneur (Buy all my juices here).


I hear moms say all the time it takes a village to raise a child. Yes you are right but I also look at my business and projects as my children. I surround myself with entrepreneurs that either already have their own business or starting a business and learn as much as possible. You can either learn from their success or their mistakes but everything is a lesson. Even my corporate America workers are a part of my village. I gained most of my clients by selling my juices during lunch breaks and was able to buy a new juicer with the money that I earned. Your village is all around you! You never know who is waiting to help you or invite you.



Now as I stated earlier I have a lot of things going on right now in our household between homeschooling and selling juices and a new born I have my hands full. I could easily say I don’t have time to do everything or take everyday as it comes and try my best to do it all. Those busy days when I am blessed to be a blessing and do it all I get tired. A healthy eating habit and daily workout is essential to this busy lifestyle. There’s no way around it! If I don’t eat nutrient densed food ie, fruits and veggies I am no good. Everything else is good but heavy on me and I noticed a long time ago that when I eat right and take care of my body I get so much done. I avoid a lot of dairy, meats, and sugars in order to stay sane. When my household sleeps I am usually up and somehow I am making it and I am not tired yet. Don’t worry we will talk more about this later but for now take care of you!

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