Why I chose to live a holistic lifestyle?

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So many people ask me all the time are you natural? How do you find all these natural alternatives? Everyone in my family, just about, knows that I do not take medication and that I don’t give my children medication. After trying to explain and share different holistic tips I have come to realize: “it ain’t for everybody.”

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Everybody is just not about that life! When I get a headache I drink a large cup of water and burn some lavender oil or drink some chamomile and 99.9% of the time it goes away. Medication has never really worked for me even as a child I would have to be subscribed a really strong medication in order for it to half way work. I have a high tolerance for pain so having all my children natural with absolutely no medication before, during or after was not a big deal for me.

During my first pregnancy I researched the way women give birth all over the world and how women cope with giving birth naturally versus with an epidural or cesarean simply because, both of those sounded more painful to me than contractions. As I delved more into my research I stumbled on a then, new, documentary on Netflix called “The Business of being born”. It opened my eyes to quite a few things and once it was over I decided I was going to definitely have a natural birth and was not going to take any medication what so ever.

So there I was in Cambridge, MA looking for a midwife or a hospital to deliver, and prepping my husband to make sure he knew not to let them give me any medication no matter what happened. Both of us were so nervous, not just because it was our first child but because we had no clue as to what to do. So I researched some more and found Hypnobirthing. mowgli-hypnotise-o.gif (320×180)Wait! So all I need to do is focus on breathing? So basically I am just going to do novice yoga during labor. That’s exactly what it really boiled down to for me. Ok I got this! So that’s what I did and labor was beautiful!! My midwife said I did great and she wished that more women were at ease as much as I was. I was telling her what to do and what I was going to do and when to get ready for my new baby to come. I knew my body! Being in tune with my body and relaxing and connecting with my baby was the most amazing experience I ever had.

That’s when it all started I had made up in my mind that as for me and my house we were going to be a more holistic household. My husband on the other hand wasn’t as convinced at first, seeing as though his mom owns a pharmacy in France, and he grew up seeing all types of medication. But eventually he got the hang of it and whenever either of us get sick, which is very rare, we use a holistic approach and let our body heals itself, as it should, and try our best to avoid damaging our cells. The medical industry in the US has gotten a little too out of control for me. Doctors are not taught how to help people understand how the body heals itself anymore, instead they primarly learn what medications to take for certain symptoms.

Think about it….

Pharmaceutical sales are at an all time high in the US and the time that the drugs are being tested is getting shorter and shorter. Oh and lets not forget about the side effects! I have seen too many family members and friends with all kinds of ailments being shoved medication, but nobody is trying to get to the root of the problem. “Why are these ailments having this kind of effect on my body?” and “what steps can I take to achieve full healing?” are questions that we need to start asking doctors. Unfortunately, we live in a “Now” society where we want everything to be fixed instantly.

So all I will say to this is this:

(1)How often do you get your car checked out?

Everyone knows you have to get an oil change after driving a certain amount of miles which is usually every 3-6 months. Now how often do we detox or take a break from eating badly, which by the way harms your body more than you think thanks to acidosis (this happens when your body is so acidic that it slowly starts to deteriate bones and your immune system so that your body can’t heal itself anymore).

(2)When there is an issue with your car what usually happens? We take it to the shop find out what is wrong with it and wait for the mechanic to take everything it needs to take apart and fix the problem. Yes it takes time and most often more time then we would like but we leave our car at the shop until it is fixed and all the right parts are put together. Even when your car starts smoking you have to let it sit and cool off before the mechanic can even look at it. Now sometimes we get a good ole lazy shade tree mechanic that just puts a band aid on the problem and charges you an arm and a leg knowing there is something else wrong with the car, but he wants you to come back for that and let you drive for the next weeks like that.

Shaun what are you saying?

For some of us we take better care of our cars than our bodies. We let our cars sit overnight and rest to run for us the next day longer than we let our bodies rest. Sometimes rest is the best remedy for healing and the sooner our society stops and realizes that the better our lives and our loved ones life will be.

I am very passionate about this subject and I want everyone around me and everyone in the world to be healthy. Now I didn’t say “perfect” I said “healthy”. Let thy food be thy medicine and I encourage everyone when you start feeling some type of way or if you have an ailment, do some research on your own before you take the medication your doctor may subscribe and try a more holistic approach first. More importantly rest your body!

Take care of you!

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    1. Sure! Most of the books that I have found helpful are very old and purchased at the library and the goodwill. My favorite is The Essential Natural Health Bible by Nerys Purchon. I found it at the goodwill for $2 and it has helped me discover so much! Thank you, I hope this helps!

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